Hi there! My name is Kate. I'm a graphic designer who has a Minnesota nice attitude with alittle bit of Wisconsin flair. I am currently working out of the Madison, WI area at Trek Bikes on the visual design team.

I have a love affair with design, fitness, and peanut butter. I believe in getting your hands dirty and enjoying the creative process. I find beauty in simplicity. Strong sans-serifs, morning lighting, silver spoons, envelopes, and vintage athletics; some of my favorites inspirations.

Featured on: The Dieline, Lovely Package, Chois Gallery Vol. 06, Packaging Of The World: Holy Balls Brewing Co // Creamwheat, The Design Blog, We And The Color

Feel free to say hello, I'd love to hear from you! e:k.mikutowski@gmail.com t:@katymik 

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